Forest Incense Burner

    Forest Incense Burner


      Walk through the Forest of Tranquility

      This model is the Forest-themed Variant of our Backflow Incensers. The approach was to embrace the enchanting sounds one may hear in an unblemished Forest. You can utilise this model best by pairing it with the sounds of a Forest ASMR when meditating or relaxing.

      The sense of smell is the most underappreciated when it comes to fulfilling a calm and relaxing state of mind. Our Handmade Forest Incense Burner utilises the power of Incense aroma to evoke a euphoric wave of tranquility.

      If you suffer from anxiety or general stress from the day to day; the Forest Incenser will help soothe any negative energy through embracing the combination of captivating scent with the enchanting cascade effect of smoke gently rolling down the falls.

      The Forest Incense Burner will benefit for many situations; those looking to enhance their meditation or workout routines can appreciate the benefits of focus and mind appeasing. If you have trouble with screen time problems and the effects of sensory overload, this tool can help to un-plug and bring your mind back to a neutral.

      Included with this product:

      - 1x Forest Incense Burner (10cm x 10cm x 20cm)

      - A sample 10-pack of various scented Incense Cones

      - Free Tracked Shipping